Indie Spotlight ~ Notoriously Morbid: Mystic Mattes, Changelings, & Supernatural Eyeshadows

Hey guys! I’ve been stalking /r/IndieMakeupAndMore lately and that just means terrible things for my wallet, but very good things for my makeup collection 🙂

Today’s indie spotlight is on Notoriously Morbid! This company is new to me, and boy am I happy I found it!


Being new to this company I only bought a few things and mostly bought the #1 things on my wishlist. I grabbed a Mystic Matte liquid lipstick duo, two Changeling top coats in a duo format, and two eyeshadows from their Supernatural collection. They threw in a sample baggie of another eyeshadow as well.

So right off the bat, I love that they carry their theme throughout their packaging. The wrapping paper is a nice touch, and it’s recognizable as their brand and not just plain paper. I also love that they offer the duo format for their liquid lip products. It’s very hard for me to ever use up a whole lipstick and I’d much rather have variety, so this a great way to try multiple products at a time.


Starting with the eyeshadows… the Supernatural ones jumped out at me because 1) I’m a fan. I’ve been watching this crazy show through all it’s ups and downs for a decade now, so I’m a little fond of it. And 2) they were inspired by the songs of Supernatural, not just the show. In real life, I’ve done some work in film & television scores, so I have a bit of a weakness when it comes to musically inspired things. When the eyeshadows are cool colors too, that’s a “Must Have” collection 🙂

I purchased “Wayward Son” and “The Gambler”. Both are bluey greens with sparkle.


Wayward Son on left // The Gambler on right

Wayward Son is a muted pale blue with green sparkles. The Gambler is a darker bluey green, described as a “sage green”, with a definitely sparkly gold to it. My freebie was Owl, a gorgeous light gold with a glitter that was pinky and gold.

These were hard to capture correctly because the sparkle was gorgeous IRL but missing in photos. I took a crazy close up picture to try to highlight the shimmer. The swatches look darker than in real life, but you can see that sparkle.


Owl // Wayward Son // The Gambler

I really love that Wayward and Gambler together can make a look together! Easy peasy. Gambler is really nice in the crease.

For the Mystic Mattes, I grabbed two that looked amazing. Sorceress, a duochrome warm red, and Karma which is a metallic terracotta rose. I’ve talked about these before in my liquid lipstick round up, and I really do love these. They’re super lightweight, liquidy thin lipsticks. They aren’t 100% budgeproof but they’re super comfortable and awesome unique colors.
The Changeling top coats were the reason I wanted to order from Notoriously Morbid. I got a little obsessed with the new Bite Opal lipgloss but didn’t want to pay that price, especially because it isn’t truly as opalescent as I want. So of course /r/IndieMakeupAndMore suggested Notoriously Morbid and welp, here I am. They are similar to the mattes, being a watery thin liquid that you can put on bare lips or over lipsticks (or on your cheeks, because yes of course I tried this too). I used it over Kat Von D’s Lolita and it makes it an amazing wearable opal nude. I can actually wear Lolita now!!! I also used it to amp up the duochrome in Sorceress even more, much to my happiness 🙂 I bought Siren (blue shift) and Kitsune (pink/red shift). I also found that when layering a Changeling on top of a matte liquid lipstick, it doesn’t affect the lipstick’s wear time! I tried it on ColourPop, the Mystic Mattes, and Kat Von D, and the lipsticks still lasted forever even with the additional topcoat.

Let’s just let the swatches do the talking.


Siren // Kitsune // Karma // Sorceress // Owl // Wayward Son // The Gambler


Siren // Kitsune // Karma // Sorceress // Owl // Wayward Son // The Gambler

I am trying very hard to capture the shift, but you got to believe me- it’s better in person.

The Changeling topcoats are amazing and they make everything and anything glimmer and duochrome! I am pretty sure I’m going to use them up and fully plan on grabbing full sizes of these two (and maybe all the colors!?) the next sale I see.

Overall I am THRILLED with my order! I love the eyeshadows because I didn’t have colors like these before and they feel smooth and apply easily. The lipsticks are really where they shine; with gorgeous colors and duochromes. Get the Changelings- you won’t regret it.

Have you tried Notoriously Morbid yet? Anything on your wishlist that I should try? Feel free to comment below 🙂

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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