Indie Spotlight – Looxi Beauty! Highlighter & Eyeshadows; what’s a hit and what’s a miss?

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s hump day and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m already ready for the week to be over 🙂
Today I have a new-to-me brand that’s also probably new to most of you! If you’re on Instagram you’ve might have heard of this indie brand that has been winning people over with their products.

Looxi Beauty! Their product photos on IG are gorgeous and everyone who is obsessed with highlighters have been saying nothing but praises. The IG account colourpopcult has been raving about them so my interest was definitely piqued.  I’m not the biggest highlighter person but I’ve been on this rather fruitless search to find a perfect cool-toned highlighter for a while now and I basically buy anything that looks like it could be it 🙂

So what did I buy?


I really should be sticking to my August no-buy so I cheated a bit and only bought three things: highlighter in Ever After, and eyeshadows in Mystic and Malibu. I cannot for the life of me capture these nicely (probably because it’s a fairly grey day outside), but trust me- all three are shimmer heaven.

I’ll start with the best, the Ever After highlight.


Ever After

I knew I *had* to have it because 1) It reminds me of the movie “Enchanted” which I adore. And 2) it’s described as iridescent with a violet under tone. People on IG have been calling it a duochrome and I can see that. It’s a goldeny beige but when the light hits right, a blue/violet sheen explodes out! It’s relatively smooth to the touch and not dry. It does kick up powder if you use a rough brush or a heavy hand.


Indirect Light

Shimmer shimmer even in indirect light- almost a silvery pink.


Direct Light

BAM! Its really bright in direct light. You can really see that cool violet tone.

So I obviously really love the highlight, so my expectations were very high for the eyeshadows.



My Mystic was a little loose with dust in the clamshell, but the shadow itself was not harmed or shattered. Mystic is described as a “gold that morphs into lilac”. Yeahhhh, no. I don’t see any shift at all. It’s a straight up golden copper. It’s really smooth and soft and crazy opaque with pigment, but it doesn’t have the described shift. If I was looking for a rosy copper, I would love this, but I expected more.

Next is Malibu.



This one is described as “aquatic blue with a duochrome effect fading from blue to gold”. This effect I did see. It’s really gorgeous and it reminds me of some of the Colourpop tie-dye colors when mixed. My only issue with this (and you can kind of see it in the pan) is that this shadow is much dryer than the others and I had to really dig into it to get a nice opaque swatch. Seems to work best with fingers, because a dry brush kicked up too much and a wet brush didn’t pick up anything. So a little ugh with that, but I’m hoping it just has a learning curve that I need to solve first. I love the color, it’s very unique, I just wish it was smoother and less dry.


Malibu // Mystic // Ever After – direct light


Malibu // Mystic // Ever After – indirect light

So this was hit & miss. The Ever After highlight that I got was AMAZING, but that only set me up for slight disappointment. Mystic is wonderful if you want a copper, and Malibu is a difficult but gorgeous color.
I kind of figured I would have these results though, so I’m not that disappointed. This is a super new brand and the only reviews/swatches are either people who are friends to the brand or not very in-depth reviews at all. I was very wary because the website only shows one photo of each product and no swatches, and the photos themselves are inconsistently lit (you can see some are warmer or cooler, some with flash). This brand literally started this year so I’m not trying to be too harsh but I would love to see more honest reviews online as well as better photos.

Shadows are in pans for $5 each, highlights are either $7.50 for halfsize (what I got) in a clamshell, $12.50 for full in clamshell, or $15 for full in a mirrored compact.

Would I buy again? Ehhh. Not until they improve their website. The highlighters are really pretty and some are very unusual colors, but I think I’ll pass for now.

Hope this review was helpful for anyone thinking about Looxi Beauty! It’s not a bad brand at all, but it’s just so new and definitely has some kinks to work out.

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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