Summer Sheers~ ck One Color Shine Lipsticks!

It is very much summer where I live right now (ugh it’s so hot) and despite my overwhelming love for opaque red lipsticks, sometimes I just need to change things up. Enter the ck One Shine Lipsticks!

I actually bought these an embarrassingly long time ago and have been meaning to review them for months! Summer seems like a perfect time to bring these sheers back out and swatch them 🙂

I have the colors Rush and Naughty.


Rush is a coral pink color – a beautiful pop for spring and summer. Naughty is a brownish burgundy that makes a dark lip easy to wear even in the hotter months. I got both of these at Ulta (during a great sale, but they’re usually $16 each) though it seems the Naughty color has been discontinued :/

They’re supposed to add lightweight hydration and shine, as well as color.





Since I was buying these online during a sale I had to sort of rely on gut instinct of what the colors would be since there was practically no swatches online. I’m happy I got these on sale, though, since I love Rush but I’m iffy about Naughty.

They both feel wonderful applied. They’re reminiscent of the Revlon Lip Butters, but in my opinion these are more pigmented and last longer. It’s like a gloss and a lipstick had a buttery baby (haha 🙂 )
One swipe is pretty sheer, but it definitely builds up to a stronger color. Rush is my favorite, especially for summer. I was really hoping Naughty would be a sheer wine color but it reads too brown on my lips and makes them look a little… dead.
One thing I do like a lot about these is that they play well with other lipsticks. I’ve worn Rush over Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lipstick in Sundae and it really helped with the drying aspect of the Ultra Mattes. I’ve mixed Naughty with Buxom’s Moonlighter and that helped make it more plum and less brown. All in all, I’m happy I have these because they’re super easy to swipe and go!

Now I bought these long before Colourpop introduced their sheer Lippie Stix, but I think the formulas are comparable. The ck One is a bit more tacky, but it lasts way longer and stays glossy. Colourpop holds less product, but it’s cheaper. Pros and cons for both.

Here’s the swatches! Out of curiosity I swatched Colourpop’s sheer Whip next to Rush and Naughty.


WHIP // NAUGHTY // RUSH – in direct sunlight

(This swatch looks very cool toned, but it’s a very overcast day so imagine these a bit brighter and warmer 🙂 )

See how glossy the ck Ones are? The more you layer the glossier they get. They have decent wear time, about 3+ hours and leave behind a light stain, which is a long time for a gloss. Whip (the first swatch) is nothing like Naughty or Rush in color. I think Rush might be close to Colourpop’s Safari maybe or perhaps Crunch, which is supposed to be a peach coral. Naughty might be like Tiger. I’ve actually just ordered Tiger on the hopes it’ll be redder than Naughty on my lips so *fingers crossed* 🙂

Oh, and ck One has AWESOME packaging. The lipstick bullets themselves are half black matte and half glossy white. The box matches as well. They’re nice and weighty in my hand and feel like an expensive product. Lids click closed nicely and don’t pop off too easily. Only downside is the rounded bullets means they can’t stand up easily on their own, but I have them in organizers so it doesn’t matter to me.

So there you have it! CK One lipsticks are totally a sleeper hit that no one talks about! I hope these swatches will be useful to other people, since I had such a hard time finding swatches when I bought mine 🙂

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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