Urban Decay Matte Revolution ~ After Dark ~ Dupe Alert!!

So as you know I am totally head over heels for the new Urban Decay Mattes! I already own two and I have two more I plan to get (plus the UD web exclusive Backtalk when it finally hits online sometime in August!) Bittersweet was my first and After Dark is my second!

But lo and behold~ I already had something verrrry similar in my stash!


Ulta vs UD

Keep reading to see just how closely these match…

I’ll be honest with you guys; I totally forgot I had this Ulta lipstick. This is color 213 and I have no idea what the name is, oops 🙂


surprisingly close….

In the tube they really do look super similar! 213 and After Dark are both darkish plums with blue shimmer, which of course is one of my favorite parts of these lipsticks!


After Dark // 213

Of course there are tons of differences other than color…. The Ulta lipstick is really fragranced. Personally I don’t like lipsticks with so much fragrance that it feels like I can taste it! The Urban Decay doesn’t taste like anything in comparison. The Ulta is also a fraction lighter and also has a stronger bluer shift in the shimmer.


After Dark // 213

They look different in the swatch, but on the lips they look almost the same! After Dark is opaque in basically one swipe but the Ulta takes quite a few. In the swatch above that’s three light swipes to get that color. It does have a better blue sparkle to it though!

I picked up this Ulta lipstick for about $2 off of clearance a while ago. I just checked online and this color is surprisingly missing from the usual lipstick lineup! But who knows, perhaps you’ll get lucky and find it in-store on clearance or on ebay if you’re really hunting! $2 for Ulta versus $22 for Urban Decay is a huge difference… which can make the hunt worth it 🙂

I personally love my Urban Decay so much more than the Ulta. I love that it is more opaque and unscented! But if you don’t mind a little scent or searching, you might be able to track down a bargain with Ulta.

Have you stumbled upon any good dupes for Urban Decay? Feel free to share in the comments below 🙂

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette

P.S. Have you seen the new “give me some lip” set at Sephora? I think I’m going to go buy it… right…. now 🙂



6 thoughts on “Urban Decay Matte Revolution ~ After Dark ~ Dupe Alert!!

    • swatchlette says:

      This kit looks SO GOOD. I know I’m gonna die over the Marc lipstick cause I love my other one and I’m probably one of the few people that doesn’t already own Lolita so it’d be nice to have 😀 ahhh I want to fast forward time so its in my hands already !!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Cat Forsley says:

        zip zip – just like that – ITS YOURS XO time traveling – love it and its such a good price ………<3 ❤ ❤ and they always have it – such a great thing xo MUAH XOXOXOXXO C

        Liked by 1 person

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