EOTD ~ Indie Spotlight on Victorian Disco!

Happy Monday (or in my case, “happy six cups of tea day!”) Mondays are not my favorite at all. But in order to brighten my day I decided to do a fun and easy eye look! Something you guys may not know about me is that I actually have way way more eyeshadows than lipsticks! Which really is a feat to accomplish. I’ve been collecting indie brand loose pigments for hmm, probably six years now and I have a huge collection from a lot of different brands. (As well as singles and z-palettes and a regular palettes that aren’t in the photo and well, you get the point! I have a lot of eyeshadow).


a whole drawer of eyeshadow!

I’ve been meaning to document and actually use everything I own at least once for the purposes of swatching, so I thought “why not start today?”

Today I really wanted 1) bright! and 2) shine!
So I grabbed two of my favorite shimmery duo-chrome colors from indie brand Victorian Disco Cosmestics.


and yes, these are HARRY POTTER themed!

Victorian Disco was actually started by the high school friend of my friend’s older sister and she used to live in the same area as me! I first bought from her probably three years ago. Since then she has rearranged how she does her business and she now only sells cosmetics through Shiro’s website under the other brands page. I actually don’t know if these two colors are available anymore, but I really love them and their worth a highlight!


It’s Levio-SAH // Room of Requirement

It’s Levio-SAH is a yellow cream with a green shifting shimmer. I love it for an inner lid and brow bone highlight that isn’t the usual plain color.
Room of Requirement is a midtone muted purple with a greenish blue sparkle and shift to it.


no flash, indoor

The flash really shows you easier how it sparkles.


with flash

AAAHHH-mazing. They’re really finely milled powders and the shimmer is super fine. I used Fyrrinae’s Pixie Epoxy for today’s eye base but ehhh, I’m really not the biggest fan of it. It’s really hard to lay down evenly so the powder sticks to it a little clumpy and unevenly then. No matter the base, I lay down loose eyeshadows with a flat eyeshadow brush and pat them on. Blending is the last step! And make sure to tap off any excess powder from the brush before applying to your eye (but really, this is a good tip for any powders).

The swatches are on bare skin and still look stunning.


indoor, no flash

If I knew how to make gifs I would, because it’s really hard to capture the shimmer!

Honestly, I blindly picked Room of Requirement. I knew I wanted Leviosa but I had no idea what to pair it with. I don’t have many green eyeshadows at all (maybe two or three) so I just grabbed the first one I knew had a similar shift to it.
I was not disappointed.

IMG_2312 IMG_2309IMG_2310

Trying to capture the shimmer and shift of these colors is near impossible! You’ll just have to trust me when I say I feel like there are sparkling mermaid scales on my eyes. Leviosa really helps distract from how tired I am on this Monday, haha 🙂
I finished the look with a little Kat Von D Ink Liner in Trooper (my fave) and the mini mascara du jour Too Faced’s Better Than Sex.


Have a great Monday guys!


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