July Empties (because somehow it is August already!?)

Seriously how is it August 1 already? Time really has flown this month! Anyone else already anticipating October (my fave month) and fall weather? At this point it seems so close! Anyways, today I have all the products I emptied this past month!


curtain call on these five

Once again it’s mostly skincare but there is a rare empty foundation!

1. Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel – this was a Birchbox sample that I was pleasantly surprised by. Although I don’t think it’s actually peeling your skin, and is rather just the product rubbing off (almost like Elmer’s glue but not as unpleasant) this didn’t hurt my sensitive skin at all. And there’s something satisfying about rubbing your face and ‘feeling’ it peel. Would I buy it? Nope; I don’t have a need for this product.

2. Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Stick in Classic Ivory 120 – This is kind of old and I’m happy I finally used it up, although it was hard to! There’s a lot of product in the stick. It’s the easiest foundation to apply ever; you can literally just swipe and blend and go. I do find that it needs to be set with a powder or it doesn’t stay around long, but it is so convenient to use. 120 has always been a bit dark for me and a little too yellow, but I have that problem with a lot of foundations. I wouldn’t recommend this for dry skin at all though; it sticks to any dry patch and really emphasizes it. Overall, this is great for on-the-go or easy application (or even contour if you bought darker shades on purpose!) but it isn’t my favorite foundation for my combo skin. Would I buy it again? Ehh, maybe if I use up all my other open foundations (haha that’ll take forever)

3. Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion – Why this is called a lotion is beyond me, but this is my favorite toner of all time. I use this as a last step of cleansing before applying serum and/or moisturizer and it really helps me feel like my skin is squeaky clean of makeup at the end of the day. But it NEVER dries out my skin! Unlike some toners, it doesn’t leave my skin red, irritated, or feeling tight. And bonus- its cheap for a Clinique product and now it’s available at Sephora AND Ulta so I can easily pick it up wherever and collect points. Would I buy it again? Already have!

4. Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo – Another Birchbox sample. I really loved this stuff; it refreshed my hair without depositing white stuff and it smelled nice too. I’m trying to avoid aerosol can products so I’ll be sticking with my Stila Hair Refresher for a long while (seriously- this stuff lasts forever and is superior and cheaper to Lush’s dry shampoo). Would I buy it? Nope. I have no need for it.

5. Michael Todd Organic Cranberry Antiox Toner – This was a gentle aloe-based toner with some vitamins and antioxidants packed in there. Ingredient wise it might be “better” for my skin (in the long run) than my Clinique but for the purpose that I use toner, my Clinique one is just best for me. This one wasn’t bad though; I picked up the mini size a while back to get free shipping when I bought some other things and I liked it. But it just seems like such a waste to have antioxidants in a toner instead of a serum or moisturizer. Would I buy it again? Maybe if I needed to hit a shipping minimum!

Thanks for reading! I can’t believe it’s August already… soon it’ll be time for end of the month August empties, haha 🙂

til later lovelies,


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