Happy National Lipstick Day! A few of my new favorite lipsticks :)


I have not not been on a lipstick shopping spree….

I REALLY LOVE LIPSTICKS. I love the variety and the colors and the packaging and the feel of a good lipstick on your lips. It can brighten your whole face AND your whole day! Here are three new recent favorites of mine.



Urban Decay’s new Matte Revolution in Bittersweet. When I saw this I was torn; I knew the formula would be fantastic but the color was a little ~new~ for me, Queen of the Red lipsticks. Purple? Can I pull off purple? The answer is YES. Oh my gosh I love this lipstick. The color is this almost muted pastel purple plum pink I don’t even know, I just really love it! And the formula is AMAZING. I literally went out the next day and picked up After Dark as well, and I’m planning on grabbing Temper and Bad Blood eventually too! It’s similar to BΓ©same’s formula to me; where is ultra pigmented but thin and lightweight. I love this so much more than my normal revolution lipsticks…..


oh my oh Miley!

MAC’s Viva Glam Miley…. how long I have resisted buying you. This hot pink creme is perfect for summer! It’s not 100% opaque in one swipe but it builds really nicely. It’s creamy and easy and so much FUN. Love this one and now I’m plotting which Amplified to get next! My experience with this one was so lovely~


a true fairytale of a lipstick

I cashed in Birchbox points to get this beauty. The famed and allusive FROG PRINCE! It appealed to the kid in me because 1) color changing lipstick! 2) dreamy fairy tales 3) did I mention COLOR CHANGE?! It truly develops into a wonderful brightened rose on my lips! I love how it looks and I love the packaging. This is now my fourth? fifth? Lipstick Queen lipstick and I have yet to be disappointed!

Swatch time!


Bittersweet // Miley // Frog Prince

What fun and perfect summer colors! And keep in mind, this is Frog Prince after about 10 minutes. If you wait longer, it goes even pinker!

I really love lipsticks (can you tell???) and I’m sure you guys do too, so I will you all a very Happy National Lipstick day! What a great holiday πŸ™‚

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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