Bésame Lipsticks ~ Merlot & Dusty Rose (aka my two new loves)



I really really love Bésame.
Over the July Fourth weekend I picked up two of the discontinued colors: Dusty Rose and Merlot. As a freebie I got the travel lip brush!


unboxing these only reveals more gorgeousness

I’m utterly thrilled with my Bésame purchase, as usual. Their gold and red floral packaging feels and looks luxurious, which just adds a whole ‘nother level of class to these already classy lipsticks. I will say though, when I bought my Red Velvet color, the lipstick case came in a little red velvet bag. I’m not sure if it is just that color (because of the whole velvet thing) or not, but I didn’t miss it much. The flower adorned cases are pretty enough without a red velvet bag on them!

The lip brush is a fun bonus.


the same red and gold packaging

The case is almost the whole length of the brush and clicks to the handle. It feels sturdy but is a nice small travel size. I rarely use lip brushes with non-liquid lipsticks but this one is so gorgeous I may have to take it for a spin sooner than later 🙂

The lipsticks themselves are the usual Bésame shape, with an unusual but useful slant.


Dusty Rose , Merlot

I find that the flat edge is really useful for lining your lips and then the slant is good for applying all over. So I basically use the lipstick itself as its own liner too.

Dusty Rose is a brownish natural looking dark pink color; it’s rosier than Pantone’s Marsala but browner than Urban Decay Fiend for example.

Merlot on the other hand is a rich plummy red. Even though it’s pretty dark when at its full opacity, I still find that it reads as a wine red and not purple. It’s a very vampy rich color!


Top: Dusty Rose, Bottom: Merlot – Full Light


In Shade

Right now in bright summer sun, Merlot looks best lightly tapped on and used more like a stain, but I can’t wait to wear it in the fall. Dusty Rose is such a pretty color and I’ve been wearing it so much I wish I had gotten a back up! It’s darker than a MLBB shade on me, but in a sophisticated work-day type of color. Both shades are ultra pigmented and smooth; I never feel like I’m wearing a heavy lipstick despite their opacity. The lipsticks have a slight scent of something reminiscent of cocoa butter or vanilla, but not in a gag-worthy fake way. I honestly can’t praise these lipsticks enough. I have the feeling I’m going to end up collecting them all 🙂

And here’s a quick comparison for Dusty Rose for those curious.


in natural light

From left to right we have:
1. Rimmel Kate 08
2. Too Faced Cinnamon Kiss
3. Sephora Pantone Marsala
4. Bésame Dusty Rose
5. Urban Decay Fiend

All of these are one swipe and you can see how pigmented Dusty Rose is! Fiend is creamier and more plum-pink than brown-pink, Marsala is much warmer and browner, Cinnamon Kiss is sheerer, Kate 08 is lighter (and has an odd taste like all Rimmels).
Dusty Rose is my absolute favorite of the group! There’s such a natural sophistication that it brings to my lips (and I’m such a sucker for the gorgeous packaging so that’s a bonus!)

Do you own any Bésame lipsticks? Do you have a favorite you think I should try? Leave a comment below with your fave 🙂

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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