latest Colourpop haul & Ultra Matte Lipstick ! ~ in-depth review

So I’ve already collect a decent amount of Colourpop’s shadows and I’ve yet to talk about any of them here! I’ll do a roundup of my whole collection soon (probably after the sheer Lippie Stix come out… because I sense that I’ll be grabbing a couple haha 🙂 ) but here’s what I grabbed during the Ultra Matte madness!


only one ultra matte! what a surprise

Photos & reviews after the read more!

So much to everyone’s surprise, I ended up only getting ONE new lipstick! *gasp*
But you know what? I’m honestly very happy I only got one…. you’ll see why….

Let’s start with the one you’re dying to hear about, the new Ultra Matte Lipstick in Sundae.

11049601_10153519374083156_8974130600949531331_n 11709717_10153519373938156_5694384753575428928_n

I was VERY excited for this one; a summer-y bright pink with a subtle blue shimmer?! It sounded amazing. It was the one out of all the colors that I really wanted. It’s very hard to capture the shimmer in photos…

11694838_10153519373873156_2973072388086016518_n 11709768_10153519373783156_5761672656482664173_n

Honestly, it isn’t that obvious in the swatch or on the lips; it just seems like a matte lipstick that isn’t THAT matte. It’s nice, but the shimmer isn’t super glittery or super duochrome like. I kind of wished it had a much stronger presence, because I love the idea of a strong blue shift in the pink lipstick!

And the formula…. well, it is very matte. I’ve tried pretty much every major liquid lipstick brand under the sun and these are not the worst; not at all. But this one (and maybe it’s just this color) was very drying. It cracked pretty quickly on my lips even with a thin coat. And the problem with a thin coat was that it wasn’t 100% even – I couldn’t get it to smooth properly to look like an even coat of color. It wasn’t uncomfortable to wear but I was very aware of it on my lips the whole time (I tested for about 6 hours). It isn’t completely kiss-proof, but it does last and last. This made it through a meal but it comes off easily with oils (so a salad with a oil-based dressing would take it right off). When it started to wear off, it began in the middle of the lips so by the end of the day, the lipstick was worn off and cracked on the inside.

Despite doing what Colourpop suggests (and what my experience with liquid lipsticks tells me) I still find that this lipstick will stick to any imperfection your lips have and emphasize them with cracks in the color. It’s a gorgeous bright color, but as I found later in the week when my Birchbox came, Stila’s liquid lipstick in Bella is a similar bright pink without the very dry feel.

I might try an all day test again (this would be a third try actually) and see if a different balm under/over would help or perhaps a different way of application…… I love the color just not the feel!

Next, I grabbed a highlighter….


I got Hippo! A shimmery cool-toned icy lavender with a supposed blue shift duochrome to it. A lot of other reviews talk about the duochrome nature, but I don’t really see that. It’s a pretty cool-toned shimmer when the light hits it and I love it, but it doesn’t have a super strong shift. For me its perfect, because my pale cool toned skin looks bronzed if I use a warm tone highlighter (for example, any of the Becca champagne colored highlighters are practically light bronzers on me). This highlighter is wonderfully creamy and super easy to blend, just like any Colourpop product. I love these cream/powder hybrids because their ridiculously easy to use. I like having a bunch on hand for those mornings when I’m running late and I literally need to paint my face in five minutes.

Eyeshadow time!


High Tide

High Tide is a creamy yellow tone champagne. A shimmer that is lovely as inner eye highlight or all over. This is one of my “slap it on all over” shades for when I’m running late in the morning, haha.



This one was darker than I thought it would be and much more similar (when blended out) to High Tide than I had hoped. Colourpop describes it as “Light cool-toned beige with subtle flashes of silver and gold” but I only see the beige with gold. It’s really pretty as a eye highlight color or all over! This one is more of a satin look and feel for me than the shimmery High Tide. Again, I love this one as an all-over “wake up my eyes” look.


La La

FINALLY I got La La. I was supposed to get this as a freebie in a haul quite a few months ago. But I didn’t and I was grumbly about it for a while but yay, I finally caved and bought it. This one is more of a bright penny than a rose gold but I really like it! It is lighter, less brown, and rosier than Game Face.



AHHHHHHHHH, I love this one holy amazeballs silver. WOWZA. I bought this whole haul mostly for this one color. I wanted/needed it for my San Diego trip (SDCC needed a sci-fi silver color obviously haha) but the order came the day that I left 😦 But look at it! It is GORGEOUS. It’s a true bright liquid silver. I use the lightest tiniest tap of this in the middle of an eyelook to brighten the lid. It’s super opaque and pigmented and might be my favorite non-neutral shadow yet!



Bought this one mostly to fill out the order to get free shipping and to mix with Liberty. This is a lovely dark gunmetal grey color with enough shimmer to keep it from reading too dark. This is nice paired with Liberty for a smoky silver eye.

That’s all folks! Liberty is my favorite, with Acorn and Hippo coming in next. I love the color of my Ultra Matte but I’m still working out how to get it right…. and in the meantime, I have zero plans to buy more Ultra Mattes. Eyeshadows and cheeks on the other hand…… I have a wishlist of Teasecake, Highly Waisted, Between the Sheets, Aphrodisiac, Eye Candy, and Hanky Panky currently sitting in my cart… Not sure if I’ll pull the trigger yet, but I do have a strong desire for these! (Eye Candy especially! Somehow I’ve found myself in a hunger for cool-toned shimmery lavenders!)

Did you haul any Ultra Mattes and love them? Do you have plans to grab them in their August restock? Or are you passing on Colourpop’s lipsticks and perhaps grabbing the new Kat Von D’s that released this week? Let’s talk in the comments 🙂

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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