The Great Swatch Fest aka the search for MLBB

Happy Tuesday everyone! This is actually an embarrassingly old post from my tumblr that I only just realised I never added here! So without further ado, here’s a LOT of swatches of potential my-lips-but-better shades!


These are all my drugstore cheapies! I’ll talk more about them after the pictures, but here’s the list of lipsticks in the swatches 🙂

1. Pumpkin & Poppy in “Shea”
2. Rimmel “Airy Fairy” 070
3. Revlon Colorburst 001 Pink Truffle
4. Rimmel Kate 104
5. No7 25 Plum Blush
6. Rimmel Moisture Renew “Vintage Pink”
7. Revlon Créme “Rose Velvet” 130
8. Nyx Matte Cream “Cannes”

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These are all what I bought from places like Target and Walgreens in an attempt to get that perfect My Lips But Better shade. I have pretty pigmented lips that are naturally quite rosy, so its always a struggle for me to find a MLBB lipstick that is opaque enough to smooth the color but also natural looking on my face. Some of these are HUGE misses and some are A-Okay.

CLEAR WINNERS: Revlon Rose Velvet, Revlon Colorburst Pink Truffle
SORE LOSERS: Pumpkin & Poppy Shea, Rimmel Vintage Pink

1. Pumpkin & Poppy in “Shea” – I love me some indie brands (vegan too!) but this was just TOO dry and matte for me. Cool tone bubblegum pink.

2. Rimmel “Airy Fairy” 070 – Slight shimmer, warm-tone light browny pink. A little too nude on me? I bought it to pair with very smoky eyes. Has a plastic smell, but very creamy formula.

3. Revlon Colorburst 001 Pink Truffle – Moisturizing! Its glossy but not sparkly. Medium mauve pink sheer, but totally buildable.

4. Rimmel Kate 104 – medium pink, matte cream. Definitely has brown and pink tones. The Rimmel Kates have AWESOME lasting power but aren’t the most moisturizing.

5. No7 25 Plum Blush – LOVE this formula and I don’t know why I don’t reach for it more often! Creamy plummy pink, just like what it’s named.

6. Rimmel Moisture Renew “Vintage Pink” – darker pink, plummy and bluer than No7 but similar. This one is a little more lilac than a MLBB should be, but it’s pretty. Not for me, though!

7. Revlon Créme “Rose Velvet” 130 – BLESS THIS FOR EXISTING. If only it didn’t have that plastic taste (ugh) but the color is great; a medium brown pink. MLBB!

8. Nyx Matte Cream “Cannes” – I really love this suede-y matte formula. It’s a plummy desaturated mauve pink. Lasts FOREVER but make sure to leave mouth open for a bit while its drying on!

So what is REALLY fun for me is seeing what I wrote back when I first posted this on tumblr and how much things have changed since then! I have since put aside almost all of these into what I call my “lipstick junk drawer” where ones I don’t like that much lay to rest for the sole purpose of swatching or comparing to other lipsticks. The only ones NOT in the drawer are Nyx Cannes and Revlon Pink Truffle (although I haven’t touched this one in months, oops). And the No7 now lives with my mom 🙂
Since I made this post a long while ago, I have then bought Rimmel Kate 08 which is much prefered over the other Kate’s (shoutout to the nice girl at Ulta who suggested I try it!), Eddie Funkhouser in Model Citizen and Innuendo, Clinique Plum Pop, L’oreal Tender Berry, and Urban Decay in Fiend and Naked. (Can you tell that I really love lipstick and I’m always looking for The Perfect MLBB?).
I was disappointed that Fiend was too dark to be MLBB (but its a lovely mauvey rose) and my Naked is so weirdly different from Fiend; it’s much stiffer and heavier on my lips and emphasizes every line and crack. The two Funkhouser lipsticks are awesome and creamy, but they are both a bit too nude/yellow than nude/pink on me and I personally only like them with a smoky eye. The Rimmel Kate is great (haha a rhyme!) but it does have that plastic-y taste. L’oreal Tender Berry was a very recent purchase that I love but it’s basically a slightly matte-r version of my fave Clinique Plum Pop. The Clinique is probably my new winner in the MLBB category 🙂

What this post clearly tells you (and me!) is that I am never satisfied with a MLBB shade; I always think there is a better one out there and I just have to find it! For now though, the L’oreal and Clinique are my favorites of the bunch. (And I keep wearing my Naked hoping it’ll somehow get better lower in the tube; I’m an eternal optimist)

Have you found your perfect MLBB shade? Share your pick in the comments below!

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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