Life’s Entropy Indie Makeup Haul & Review! – Pic & Swatch Spam!


packaging is SO CUTE

As promised, here’s the BIG picture spam of my Life’s Entropy makeup haul!

So Skydart / Chloe Dykstra (whom people may know from makeup forums on reddit especially) is a friend of a friend and when I saw her swatches for Life’s Entropy I kind of had a heart attack because those liquid lipsticks looked like HEAVEN. I adore and trust Chloe so a little while later I’m holding in my hand my own big haul!


the haul + cute packaging!!!!

I didn’t get nearly as much as I could have but I think all of this together + shipping was only about $15!!!! Best impulse buy ever 😉

I got a mini stick of their contour cream in Proton. Sample of brow theory in Auburn. Samples of lip theories in PKA, Chaos, Vaccine, and Fusion. And a bonus freebie sample of eyeshadow in Just Kitten.


particle contour stick in PROTON

This was the lightest shade that didn’t look too cool toned for me. I’ve been wanting to find an easy-peasy contour stick and this one was SO cheap compared to Nudestix, Clinique, Smashbox etc. The mini size is $5.


unblended, in daylight

I really love how this looks! Its warmer than my cream contour from Pumpkin&Poppy or my Next to Skin powder from MAC, so this is really perfect for these warmer months! It doesn’t look like bronzer or blush; it blends out nicely to be a slightly warm shadow. It does need to be set with powder though, as do most cream products.

11048267_10153452520218156_7557356362221214588_n 11401068_10153452520398156_8362107057078962757_n

Brow Theory is a tinted brow pomade. Now I don’t have a basis of comparison for these, since I usually use brow powder and/or pencil. But I love that this is a reddish tinged brown, which is hard to find in a lot of normal brands, since my hair is very much a red-brown, and not cool-toned like many brunette brow shades available. It is VERY pigmented and I use it very sparingly and I find it looks naturally bold especially after blending it in with a spoolie.









Things to know:
1) They are not matte-matte, meaning they do not dry down into the unmovable matte finish of Kat Von D or Stila. They are not soft suedes like Nyx. These are VERY similar to Too Faced’s Melted.
2) These are liquidy and need to be applied with a lip brush.
3) SUPER DUPER pigmented!
4) Staining (but I see that as a plus!)
5) NOT kiss proof. To achieve this you would need to kiss off the excess onto tissue and probably set it with a translucent powder.
6) Last FOREVER. Despite not being transfer proof (you will get this on your drinking glass!) it lasts and lasts and lasts all day. In one of my tests it got to hour ten and it was still vibrant!

I adore my Too Faced Melteds, so for me these are a cheaper alternative! Yes, you do need to use a lip brush, but that just helps you achieve a perfect edge anyways 🙂


Top to Bottom: Chaos, Fusion, PKA, Vaccine

Chaos is a slightly muted purply mauve. It is brighter and pink leaning than Too Faced Fig.
Fusion is a BRIGHT blue-based hot fuchsia.
PKA is a slightly muted reddish mauve. Slightly brick with purple? Hard to describe but I love love love this one.
Vaccine is a blue based BOLD red. Brighter than Too Faced Velvet, but I’m sure it’s a dupe to Too Faced Ruby which I don’t have. It’s a pin-up bold & bright red and I LOVE it.

These samples were a MERE $1.50 each! I’ve used each one 2-5 times already and there’s a LOT left. You need only an itty bitty amount to spread all over your lips.


still stained after using a makeup remover wipe

See, they DO stain but honestly I don’t care. I love that even if all the lipstick rubs off, your lips are still pigmented. I find they come off easily with my oil makeup remover or the Sephora Oil-in-Gel remover 🙂


PKA with Fusion in the middle

Here’s a hastily taken shot of one look I did, with PKA all over mixed with Fusion to brighten the middle. Did I mention that they mix easily with each other? Because they do 🙂


Contour stick (top), Just Kitten, and Lip Theory swatches

This shows all the swatches together. A VERY successful haul if I say so myself!

My final thoughts are JUST DO IT! I love EVERYTHING I got and I’m really itching to buy more! They have many many more colors on their website and their customer service is superb.

Are you itching for Life’s Entropy now? What colors call out to you the most?

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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