~*~ Life’s Entropy makeup haul ~*~

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HAPPY SATURDAY! I’m so happy its the weekend since this week felt so astronomically long! I have a (somewhat lazy) post today. I’ll be doing a full review and swatchfest of my Life’s Entropy haul soon, but for now let’s just look at my pretty instagram! For those who don’t know, Life’s Entropy is a science-inspired indie makeup company, cruelty free & super cute. SO CUTE. Their packaging!! Their products!! I’m in love already. I got a contour stick, a bunch of lipsticks, a brow pomade, and a freebie eyeshadow sample!

If you haven’t yet realized, geeky indie companies are my #1 weakness. Lipsticks are my close #2. So when you combine the two… welp. My wallet suffers πŸ™‚ I’m doing a wear test on the liquid lipsticks right now, and let me just tell you, I’m in LOVE.

But more on that later! Happy weekend everyone!!!!

til later lovelies,


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