Butter London makeup + nail polish haul & review! (also discovering a Marc Jacobs dupe?!)

Happy Sunday! Who is watching the Tony’s tonight? I’m so excited, but I’m also going to a watching party so that definitely adds to the fun πŸ™‚

So I wrecked my No-Buy like crazy when I happened across a sale on Butter London’s website! Not only did they have a discounted Mystery Bag (I’m very weak to resist mystery bags from my fave brands) but they also had a half-off their Outlet section. And magically, when I added the coupon to my cart, it took 50% the whole cart, outlet and non-outlet, so yeah… I went a little crazy πŸ™‚


the haul

So first off, I grabbed the Clockwork Couture mini set from the Outlet section. All the colors look GORGEOUS and I’ve been wanting Goss for a while, so this way I got Goss as well as three other pretty colors!


west end wonderland // earl grey // goss // clockwork heart

You can see I’m wearing West End Wonderland on my thumb there πŸ™‚ That one is a spectacular fine gold & red glitter and its gorgeous on its own or as a top coat!
Earl Grey is a surprise fave! I was worried it would be streaky, but with a top coat it evens out and shines like elegant graphite.
Goss is a ridiculously glow-y rose gold/copper color. I LOVE it.
Clockwork Heart is surprisingly my least fave of the four, despite my love for everything dark red and plum on my nails. Perhaps it’s because it’s just a satin creme, and not a wowzer like it’s three friends. But it’s still a lovely color.


earl grey // goss

I couldn’t help but slap the colors on my nail ASAP because they looked so pretty! Earl Grey is on the left and Goss is on the right. SO SHINY.

The Mystery Bag was AMAZING and I *need* to know when the June one happens (if it does). It was a not super cheap looking pink pleather bag that states “Rock Your Colours”. Heck yeah. And inside was ANOTHER mini of Clockwork Heart (which honestly I was a little disappointed with), a travel size Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara which is surprisingly nice! It has a funky looking brush but I love hoarding travel sized mascaras so this is a total win. There’s also a Scrubbers Makeup Wipe that I have yet to use as well as an Earl Grey WINK Eye Pencil! This pencil is worth the price of my haul alone. It reminds me a LOT of the Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Revolver, so I knew I would love this.


look how closely they matched the nail polish!

It’s honestly so stunning. It’s a graphite/dark grey color with shimmer but not glitter. And so far I’m about 4-5 hours into wearing it and no smudges! YES πŸ™‚

The reason I went to the website originally was to check out their matte lipsticks and one in particular. When I was in a Ulta a while ago I was swatching their lipsticks and Loved Up looked like it could be a dupe for a Marc Jacobs that I sampled and fell in love with, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. But Marc’s lipsticks are crazy high priced for a single item and I really wanted to find a dupe. Now, Butter London’s are still pricey at $22, but I have *so* many Ulta points saved up that I could get it free if I wanted to. But then I saw the Butter London sale and the rest is history, haha.



I’m insanely in love with the color and the formula. It’s this strange unique berry/red/orange brick? It’s like fuschia had a baby with brick and then toned itself down. I love it. And the formula is superb; long wearing, velvety matte, and non drying! My lips are always like the Sahara but I’ve worn this lipstick for two days straight, 10 hours each day and my lips are FINE! I’m definitely going to buy more colors of these babies.

On a whim, as usual, I picked up another lippy…


ignore the appearance, I’ve already used it bunches!

The Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons called out to me because 1) I love the ease of lip crayons 2) it COMES WITH ITS OWN SHARPENER! and 3) Teddy Boy is a super nice neutral pink on me. It’s glossy soft, non sticky, and makes my natural lips look plush. Total winner (and it has a slight happy mint taste!)

Here’s swatches of my new babies…



I’m in love with all of them, honestly. This has got to be my best accidental haul of 2015!

Just to compare, here’s Loved Up versus my little trial mini Marc Jacobs.


big ol’ Loved Up versus itty mini Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Very similar colors! I think Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is ever so slightly plummer, but the formulas are close dupes too! I’m so happy with this πŸ™‚ It saves me a lot of money to not get the Marc Jacobs.

For those curious, here’s swatches.


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang // Loved Up // Teddy Boy // Earl Grey

See? Super similar, even in this somewhat terrible lighting.

Anyways, Butter London has made me a TOTAL CONVERT. I already love their polishes but WELP, I’m in love with their cosmetics now too!

Have you guys tried Butter London’s makeup? Anything you love or hate about the brand? Let’s talk in the comments below πŸ™‚

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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