dupe alert~~~ clinique vs. covergirl AGAIN!

Happy Saturday! I have another dupe today for you guys 🙂
I’m getting increasingly convinced that the new Clinique colour pop lipsticks are dupes for all the CoverGirl lipsticks that I own! It’s not a bad thing, since I love the color of the CGs but hate the taste.


clinique vs covergirl


Today I’m comparing the Clinique pop lip colour in 10 Pop to the CoverGirl Colorlicious in 350 Eternal.
They are both raspberry dark pinks with a lot of pigment and punch to the color. I LOVE this color, especially as an alternative to red lips in the spring and summer time. The colors are easily 99% identical, both swatched and on my lips.


LEFT: CoverGirl // RIGHT: Clinique // outdoor light


LEFT: CoverGirl // RIGHT: Clinique // indoor light

It’s honestly impossible to tell them apart! I had to keep double checking myself on the order of the swatch because once on my hand its extremely hard to see a difference. The only main differences to me are that the CoverGirl is a very tiny bit darker and the Clinique is a more luminous and less matte. Otherwise, these are clearly dupes! They both have strong pigment and good staying power too.

It’s a beautiful pop of color that I think would flatter nearly anyone 🙂 And if you don’t feel like paying the $18 for the scent-free Clinique, than the cheap CoverGirl (I got mine on sale for $4!) is a GREAT dupe!

Have a wonderful weekend!

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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