quick EOTD post~!

HALLELUJAH I have internet again! This week has been so weird/awful with the lack of internet. Going to a local coffee shop to get an internet fix is just not the same as being able to hang out in my own house with my good friend Netflix 😉

Anyways, posts will go back to regular soon. For now, here’s a quick eye-of-the-day I did! Lately I’ve been super obsessed with eyeliner (you’ll see my Ulta haul soon) and I’ve been playing around with different fun combos of colors. Here’s an eye look I did with an old Boots No7 Stay Perfect  liquid liner in “Sapphire” and Maybelline Color Tattoo in #65 “Gold Rush”.
(I’m wearing nothing but eyeliner and mascara, so forgive the bareface! Also the mascara is L’Oreal Butterfly Intenza which I hate/love because it’s SCENTED. WHY IS MASCARA SCENTED?? It irritates my eyes so much but it does look nice.)


gold & blue, whoo hoo!


That’s it for now! Just a fun little EOTD 😉

til later, lovlies~
xoxo Swatchlette


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