Sephora Haul Round-Up & my new HG Lipstick!

Hello guys! Who else went a little (too) crazy during the Sephora sale a little while ago? I know I did and I have absolutely NO regrets. I found some new favorites and a holy grail lipstick! YES, I am serious! I found a lipstick so wonderful I went and got FIVE colors. Kind of crazy, but really I have no regrets 🙂


all the new goods!

Now I actually don’t think I went that crazy; not nearly as much as I was tempted! I mostly bought things I actually needed or was really eager to try. With one exception: those fantastic amazing gorgeous Clinique lipsticks. But I will get to those in a minute 😉

So what did I buy?



First off, I bought a sample size of First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Lotion and a 2 oz version of their Face Cleanser. If you’ve been reading for a while you know my skin is the most finicky ridiculous sensitive skin ever. It’s prone to constant redness and dryness, but also goes nuts and breaks out if I moisturize TOO much. I’m still trying to find a product combination that doesn’t make my skin rebel, so I wanted to try the much-lauded FAB line! I’ve already tried (and used up) their Ultra Repair Cream and their Ultra Repair Facial Lotion. I like the Repair Cream for my hands and back of my neck, two places where my eczema likes to strike. It is way too rich to even try on my face. The Facial Lotion was really nice because it didn’t make my skin crazy. It did occasionally sting on contact but it happened so randomly I could never figure out why. Basically I went back and forth from LUSH’s Celestial Moisturizer to FAB’s and back to LUSH’s and now I’m using an Olay / Clinique combo. LUSH’s was a bit too oily for me and FAB’s randomly stung, hence my constant quest for a face cream that my skin actually likes!

Tangent aside, I used a new sunscreen on my mini-vacation and it was the WORST decision and my arms, my neck, and face were so unhappy I couldn’t use any of my normal creams. So I bought this trial size and thus far my arms are very happy! I’m kind of scared to use it on my face (despite seeing reviews saying its okay) since it does seem very very moisturizing. The face wash is also nice and gets off maybe 85% off my makeup. I used to use the oil cleansing method but then I started getting scared to use it during the summer when my dry skin decides it will be flaky AND oily. Hahaha, my skin is a little rebel apparently.

Anyways! FAB is supposed to be awesome and my past experiences with it were mostly positive so these were added to my cart without thinking.


more goodies

The Clinique acne solutions is a repurchase. It’s the ONLY Benzoyl product that never dries me out 🙂

Tarte Guard is a “want to try” purchase. If you couldn’t tell, I’m really sensitive to chemical sunscreens and mineral oils and fragrances and etc. etc. etc. And I’m also super pale. My heavier duty sunscreens from last summer have sort of expired and I wanted to introduce a more protective daily one into my routine. Tarte has a good reputation and this sunscreen is on the more natural side. It’s kind of super expensive for a sunscreen (more so than the Shisedo ones) so I bought the smaller size for a trial. So far its nice! I have yet to try it under make up though, but it doesn’t seem to make my face a crazy oil slick so my hopes are high.

The Sephora oil-in-gel lipstick remover is my FAVORITE THING EVER. Might actually be the best purchase of 2015. This is my fourth or fifth tube of it. I’m so worried it will be gone forever so I tend to add a tube to any purchase I make from Sephora. This stuff is AMAZING. It makes swatching on the lips a dream as well as taking of even Kat Von D liquids in a couple of seconds!

And now my most favorite things in the entire world:


my babies

Why yes, I had to put a heart around them because that is how much I love these babies! I bought the Plum Pop Clinique Lip Colour + Primer before the sale in order to test it and I fell in LOVE. It is the most true MLBB I’ve ever owned, its hydrating, it lasts forever… It’s just so perfect. So I hauled all the colors that spoke to me. In addition to Plum Pop, I own Punch, Poppy, Sweet, and Passion (in order from top to bottom in the photo). Every single one of these is SPECTACULAR. Long lasting, hydrating even on my super dry lips, lasts through EATING, leaves a wonderful stain. I cannot even put into words how nice these are. I plan on reviewing these separately with swatches, but GOSH. I’m in LOVE. These (especially Plum) are officially on my HG list.

Long post but I mean every word 🙂

What did you haul during the Sephora sale? Have you found a new favorite or HG product? Join the discussion in the comments below 🙂

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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