Still hungering after the Pantone Marsala lipstick? ~DUPE Alert!~

Hi guys! I’m back from my trip and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be! It ended up being quite breezy rather than straight up hot which really was a blessing. I was sorting through lipsticks to make room for my new ones (that Sephora sale was a little too good 😉 ) and I was reminded that my Marsala Pantone lipstick is still basically new! I rarely wear it (for reasons I’ll explain) but I do think I have *quite* a few possible dupes for this one! So if you’re still lusting after this rosy-brown shade, this is a post for you!


six similar shades

Today I will be comparing:

1. Rimmel Airy Fairy 070
2. Rimmel Kate 08
3. Rimmel Kate 104
4. Pantone Marsala
5. Silk Naturals Eternal
6. Revlon Rose Velvet 130


direct light on Left, indirect/shade on Right

You can see straightaways how BROWN the Pantone lipstick is! It’s actually a little too brown for my skin. It’s got a very 90s / Kylie Jenner lips thing going on that I just don’t think I look good in. It has a dash of an orange brown in it that I think clashes with my everything (haha). It’s a very nice opaque & smooth formula though!

The closest dupe is definitely Silk Naturals Eternal, and its MUCH cheaper (only $5.75!!!) This lipstick is apparently a dupe for MAC Twig, but I don’t have that one to compare. This one has a very nice creamy formula, long-lasting and its vegan & organic. Silk Naturals has very nice lipsticks for great prices. But once again, I think this lipstick is a smidgen too brown-nudey for me. Eternal is a little rosier than the Pantone but it is a very decent dupe.

Lipsticks 1-3 are all much pinker, but they all have that nude/rose/slight brown undertone. The Rimmel Kate lipsticks have creamy long-wearing formulas (slightly drying over time) but it is SO hard for me to get past the smell/taste! It is very plastic to me and hard for me to wear. Basically all the Rimmel lipsticks taste bad to me and I rarely wear them. In fact, all of these lipsticks except for the Pantone and Silk Naturals are in my storage drawer! Not even on display! In terms of nudes that I keep on hand, Urban Decay Naked and my one true love Clinique Plum Pop are the ones I get the most use out of.

Now lipstick #6, the Revlon, is also a very close dupe! This one I grabbed on sale at Ulta for maybe $4. It has that slight orange-brown-nude undertone that the Pantone has. It’s creamy and pretty smooth, but it does have a plastic taste/smell. Again, I’m just very sensitive to smells & tastes in lipsticks, but if you are okay with them the Revlon is a really nice color and a MUCH cheaper alternative to those jacked up eBay prices on the Pantone lipstick!

I completely understand how hard it is to let go of that hunger for the limited edition lipstick that you missed, but hopefully one of these similar colors will satisfy your lemming!

Have you found a dupe that I didn’t mention? Feel free to share in the comments!

til later, lovelies~
xoxo Swatchlette


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