What’s in my bag? Vacation edition~ (aka current daily makeup faves!)

It’s been a CRAZY busy week and I’ve been getting ready for a weekend mini trip to my university’s reunion (yay!) I’m a notorious over-packer but since this is just a three-day trip I’m trying very hard to pack light 😉 So what made the cut in my makeup bag(s)? Why not check it out below 🙂


I couldn’t fit it into one bag oops

Keep in mind, my reunion is going to be 1) be outdoors in hot sun, 2) may involve a tea party, 3) may involve a reunion dance, aka MAKEUP CONFUSION. None of my plans are set in stone so I have to bring a little of everything for every possible circumstance. And also somehow pack light…. so hard!


a very full bag of base products

So for base products, I *had* to bring sunscreen products as well as foundation that should hopefully last without touch-ups! Now my NARS foundation is not only a bit too dark for my post-winter skin but it’s always had a bad habit of lifting up from my skin after a few hours (still haven’t figured out how to deal with this problem, despite trying 5+ different primers 😦 ) . I needed sunscreen so instead I’m packing my Missha BB Cream (new purchase that I LOVE) which is also too dark so I’m mixing it with a combination of UD Naked 0.5 (which is a smidgen too dark for me, even as the lightest color, but its nice and lightweight) and adding some CoverGirl Tru Blend Ivory which is lighter in color. So basically I’m mixing Missha + UD + CG to try to get a longer lasting sunscreen filled foundation. To save space I premixed the CG and UD and put it in the empty Tarte pot I had.


complexion products

I should also mention that my first step is the Clinique Redness Solutions Protective Base. Now I’m not sure that this helps my makeup at all or even helps the redness, but I need as much SPF as I can get on my face. (Normal sunscreen is really hard for me. I’m super sensitive to any chemical sunscreens and I have yet to find a natural one that isn’t chalky white on me!)

After base + foundation (blended with a beauty blender), I do concealer. I’ve bought two new ones recently and I’m still trying to figure out a good one but so far the Lorac POREfection is great! It isn’t as thick as I wanted but that means it is more blendable. It’s thankfully pale enough for me, which is why I bought it. I also have a little sample of Silk Naturals Cream Concealer in #1 too, because its great for brightening the undereye.

In this bag is also MUFE’s Mist & Fix which I don’t *love* but I really needed something to help keep the makeup nice all day. I might switch this out with a travel sized UD All-Nighter but I have yet to try that one yet…


part II of the base

Are you starting to tell that I’m an overpacker yet?
This is part 2 of the base products bag. I have a Korres rice & olive powder that I’m digging lately. It’s an old purchase but I actually like it a lot! It pretty sheer but it works nice for setting my foundation. That blush in the upper corner is Tarina Tarantino Neapolitan Lane (that I literally just bought). The Tarina website was having a sale and I hauled a bunch of things that had been on my wish list. I got the Feather blush too (a BEAUTIFUL coral-y rose) but N. Lane is much more neutral and toned down, and also sort of works like a contour on me. Noticeably absent is any of my contour products (MAC Next to Skin, Pumpkin&Poppy Oak Bark cream and powder). This is on purpose. 1) I’m trying to pack light and 2) I’m trying to keep my face light. It’s going to be a melty hot weekend where I’m headed so the last thing I need is contour powder streaking and melting on my face. The blush should do fine at both.
I have a few sample sized lovelies too. Top right is Etherealle’s Stark, which I use to brighten and set my undereye. And also Silk Naturals’ Runway and Spotlight which I’m flabbergastingly in love with. I’m 99% sure they are dupes for Hourglass Ambient but I don’t even care if they aren’t. I’m in love with their subtle shimmer and highlighting properties. I don’t really need them with me but I love ’em too much to leave behind 🙂

Top it all off with kabuki brush + Sexy Mama and I’m good to go.

Well, not ALL good to go yet….


arguably the most important items here

I can’t forget eyes, brows, and lips! These are all jumbled together in their own bag. Messy but it works. My eyeshadow collection (which is extensive) is either palettes that are too big or one million loose powders. So instead my newly bought Tarina T. Jewel palette is coming along. Again, I’m in LOVE with Tarina’s products. I’m almost wishing I bought more, but alas! Budget! This palette is the color Magical, which really is a stunning mix of buttery purples and plums. Perfect for hazel / green eyes! There’s also a little baby sample set of Coastal Scents Revealed eyeshadows. Surprisingly awesome and perfect for travel. This is where my indecision really comes out to play. I have two Stila smudge crayons (Kitten and Antique) and two UD liquid liners (in Smog and Retrograde)((HG status!!!!)). I cannot live without my cat eyes so trust me, only two color options is light packing for me! And the Stila sticks create a perfect long lasting look with just the two of them, so I’m perfect if I’m running too late for anything complicated!
Under that I’m using UD’s new Enigma primer (omg its really good!) and mascara is just one of my many travel sized mascaras: Roller Lash. I like it! But you CANNOT do more than two coats maximum. It clumps easily on me. Brows are Too Faced Brow-nie and I use that Tarina T. eyeliner (Broken Doll) as an eye highlight / brow highlight / tightline eye opener etc. etc. etc. Again, a new purchase and I’m in love.

But gosh! I can’t forget the lips! As an avid lipstick lover / collector this was honestly the worst to pick. I went with practical instead of what my current loves are and I grabbed my new CK One glossy lipstick in Rush because its a lovely day time pink and it wears off nicely, Clinique Pop Lipstick in Plum (finally I have found my MLBB!!!!), Sonia Kashuk Raspberry (lasts forever and is a great color pop with any outfit), and my new UD Gash (because I wanted to). And of course UD Ozone liner because long lasting lips need a clear liner just in case!

WOW that was a long post. And I am NO where being done with all the packing I need to do 🙂

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this peek into my makeup bag (and my life). What are your essential favorites that you couldn’t possibly leave behind on vacation? Let me know in the comments 🙂

til later lovelies (and happy weekend!!!)
xoxo Swatchlette


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