Makeup Revolution Haul PART II: Lipsticks x 4 – in depth review & swatches!

As promised, here’s the BIG part two of my Makeup Revolution haul!


4 new lipstick things 🙂

Honestly this is where I wish I had spent more money, haha. The Liphugs are ESPECIALLY fantastic, but everything overall is quite good! As always, more photos and thoughts under the cut 🙂

I got four lip things total. Two Liphugs, one Lip Lava, and one Salvation lip lacquer.


cute containers though!

(^clockwise from top left)
1. Lip Lava in “Tremor”
2. Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer in “More Than I Could Give”
3. Liphug in “Want to Leave?”
4. Liphug in “When You Came to Me”


from L-R: “Tremor”, “More than I could give”, “When you came to me”, “Want to leave?” —– outdoor light


same order —- indoor shade

The Lip Lava is described as “Intense lipstick formula, melted to create our most impactful gloss”. If these sound familiar to you, it’s because they are definitely trying to be like Too Faced’s Melteds. And they are similar. The Lip Lava is a tad stickier than any of the Melted’s I own, but its an itty bitty fraction of the cost (Lip Lava’s are only £2.99). This particular color, Tremor, is ALMOST identical to Melted Peony. It’s a light blue-based pink. Just like Peony, it settles into my lip lines after a while and its a just too “Barbie” on me. But, hey! If you’ve been lusting after Melted Peony, this is a great cheaper alternative.
The biggest difference is their containers: they BOTH have soft flocked applicators on the end of the squeeze tube, but I find that the hole is bigger on the Lip Lava so more tends to squirt out at once.



The Salvation Lip Lacquer I had the most hope for and was the most let down 😦
It’s partially my fault; I spent forever scouring the web for swatches and trying to figure out what color to buy and I still got one that’s odd on me. I was hoping to find a lovely nude, but this one is too beige and too light on my face. It makes me look super washed out! The formula itself is nice. Its very similar to the Rimmel Apocalips if you have any of those. They both apply with a doe-foot applicator similar to a gloss. The Salvation Lacquer is, and stays, quite glossy and somewhat sticky on the lips; I would consider them opaque glosses more than liquid lipsticks like the Too Faced Melteds. The Lacquers are thick and that definitely helps with their color opacity. I wish I could say more, but this color is just too yellow-toned beige-y on me that I can’t even stand to wear it around! One good thing it does have going for it is NO DISGUSTING TASTE like the Rimmel Apocalips! I cannot stand a fragrance or taste in my lipsticks/glosses, so the Salvation is better than Apocalips in my mind. The Salvation Lacquers are £3.00


“more than I could give”

The Liphugs are my FAVE of the bunch! I’m happy I got two and I definitely wish I had gotten more. They are somewhere between a sheer lipstick and a tinted lipbutter. These are way less shiny than the Revlon lipbutters that I own and the bright pink (“Want to leave?”) has an awesome lingering stain even after the more balmy part has worn away on your lips. These are described as lipsticks but I definitely think some of the colors are sheerer than others. I’m also happy I grabbed two of these because I love “Want to leave?” but I can’t stand “When you came to me”. Once again, it’s too much of a yellow beige thing going on to look good on me. If you can’t tell, I’ve been searching and searching for a great nude lip color hence why I was hoping I could get one cheap from Makeup Revolution! Unfortunately my search continues….


Left: “Want to leave?” — Right: “When you came to me”

These are NOT as moisturizing as a tinted balm though. They are easy to apply like a creamy balm, but they don’t ADD moisture. They aren’t drying though, so that’s a plus! These can apply sheerer or built to intense and opaque colors, which gives them some nice flexibility. These are £2.50.

Overall, I wish I had only gotten only one eyeshadow palette (instead of three) and a million more Liphugs 🙂 But again, I’m a lipstick hoarder so those are going to appeal to me most.

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution? Has anything in my haul caught your eye? If you have a comment or question leave ’em below 🙂

til later, lovelies!
xoxo Swatchlette


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