Urban Decay’s GASH – comparisons & dupes!


Gash is so wonderful but so hard to dupe!

I finally got ahold of Gash and I’M IN LOVE. It looks super awesome on me  (somehow makes my whole face look pulled together??) and I love it like crazy and now I want a million backups 🙂 To keep myself from buying a thousand extra tubes, I went through my darker reds to try to find a nice dupe for Gash….

1. Zoya Matte Velvet Posh
2. Julie Hewett Coco Noir
3. MAC Dubonnet
4. UD Gash
5. MAC Russian Red
6. MUFE #43
7. Sephora Pantone Earth Red

All are wonderful but the mattes aren’t quite berry enough and the creams aren’t the same type of creamy shimmer as Gash. But the tubes are so pretty all lined up!


No dupes, so I might be grabbing a backup! Or… I could wait until next March! If you remember, they re-released Gash in March 2014 and now again in March 2015. If I use it up by next spring, looks like it might come back and I can grab another one then. Choices choices 😉

Have you ever loved a lipstick so much you bought enough backups to have a dragon sized hoard? Let me know your stories in the comments 🙂

til later lovelies,
xoxo Swatchlette


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