NEW ciaté liquid velvet lipstick – swatch & in-depth review

I promise I am working on a more in-depth look at my Makeup Revolution palettes and Too Faced goodies, but I impulse bought the new ciaté lipstick from Sephora yesterday and I REALLY wanted to review it ASAP for you guys 🙂


bought the color “smitten”

So ciaté describes these new liquid lipsticks as “fusing the performance of a matte lip color with lip-conditioning properties for a moisturizing lipstick that lasts” and specifically calls them “non-drying” and “lush”. I don’t know if I agree on all counts, but the color is CRAZY pigmented!

lip ciate

in daylight. its brighter in real life!

“Smitten” is a rosy-coral on me. I have no other lipstick this color (thankfully!) and I love how it seems to brighten my whole face. A perfect spring color. BUT… it is drying on me, especially at the 4 hour or more mark. It lasts and lasts (for the most part) and the pigment is wonderful, but it does start to pull and pinch at my lips. Another problem (and I heard it may just be in the light colors, Swoon and Smitten) but OH GOSH does it sink into my lip creases!

this is IMMEDIATELY after application and it is already settled

this is IMMEDIATELY after application and it is already settled

It looks “dry” and not smooth pretty much immediately after it sets which is a bummer! I adore how this color looks (and the easy-to-use wand) but the lines really make my lips look old and cracked. I applied an itty bitty bit of neutral lipgloss on top with my finger and just kind of mixed it together on my lips and it helped A LOT. It did keep the lipstick moist and not matte, but it didn’t settle!

Is it worth it? Maybe. $18 is a LOT to spend for something that “cracks” like this. On the other hand, it last FOREVER and I really love this color. I’m still on the fence about it…. but I REALLY love the color so I’ll probably keep it. I’m keen to try the red color, Diva, but I have three red liquid lipsticks already so… maybe not 😉

Have you tried any of ciaté’s new makeup line yet for spring? Let me know in the comments!

til later lovelies!
xoxo Swatchlette


6 thoughts on “NEW ciaté liquid velvet lipstick – swatch & in-depth review

  1. BrittanyCL says:

    What would happen if you used a lip primer with this? I think it would help with the settling in the lip lines, but it might negate the long lasting part. Worth a shot maybe?

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  2. Koofa says:

    This is a really pretty color on you. I’ve been wanting to see reviews on this since the day it popped up on Sephora! I’m thinking about getting the nude one, but still don’t know yet.

    Liked by 1 person

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