the great dupe – Urban Decay 69


a tiny tiny handful of the reds I own

If you’re a lot like me, then you have more red lipsticks than you could ever need in a lifetime! I can’t help it; I love red lipsticks. How they look, how they feel…. its incomparable to other colors for me 🙂
Anyways, when you own as many as I do, you start to realize how many similar colors you have! Last week I *almost* bought Urban Decay 69 during the sale but then I realized OOPS! I already have a few that look almost alike! Lets take a look at some of my reds…

Today we’ll be comparing:
1. Urban Decay 69 (which I had a sample of)
2. MAC Victoriana
3. MAC Opera
4. Make Up For Ever Moulin Rouge #43.

indoor fluorescent light

indoor fluorescent light

Terrible lighting, but look how similar they are!

outdoor shade

outdoor shade

In better lighting you can see that they are still very very similar. 69 and Victoriana have pinker undertones, but only just barely. All four are bright pigmented reds.


outdoor direct light

In the best lighting, you can start to see the differences. 69 and Victoriana are extremely similar colors, but very different finishes. 69 is bold and stays glossy. Victoriana is matte and appears dryer looking. Opera and MUFE 43 are very similar to each other, but I would say the MUFE is slightly richer in pigment. The MUFE is also a glossy satin finish. All of them are super pigmented and last forever, but 69 is my favorite in terms of wear time and how it feels. I just don’t know if I can convince myself I need a full-size when I already have such similar colors!

This is what happens when you love reds; you end up with tons of dupes 😉

Are you a red hoarder too? Or is there another color you love to stock up on? Leave a comment and join the discussion below 🙂

til later, lovelies!
xoxo Swatchlette


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