lipstick swatchfest!

Its absolutely still fall/winter in my book (if there’s still snow outside, its still winter!) so of course I’m going to continue wearing all my dark reds and berry lipsticks 🙂 I actually mourn when its springtime despite how much I hate ice, because I really really love my dark lippies and they look a little bit odd in the bright hot spring/summer sun. Oh well!

Lots of images in this post, so make sure you hit the read more!


all the colors on the lips

13 colors of berry and wine and red. These are not ALL of mine in this range (because oops I love these colors) but these are a huge chunk of them! Its a wide range of brands too, for all you budget divas or high-end shoppers out there 🙂


I actually like seeing swatches smudged, because this can generally help figure out the undertone components of the colors, or help you see what it will look like blotted down on purpose or when its worn away after time!



Not really any dupes here. All of them are subtly different, mostly due to finish and undertone.

1 – OPI Yes I Can Can is sadly discontinued, and its the most purple here. Almost like MAC Cyber.
2 -NYX Copenhagen is a cream-to-matte formula. I love it but rarely wear it as these liquid formulas require perfect smooth lips or it just looks funky. Aka my sad winter lips cannot handle these. It’s a dark burgundy plum color and is really pretty and dark and wonderful.
3- Elegant in Brown is another very true burgundy. Don’t ask me how, but these awesome lippies go from creamy cream to a forever lasting matte. So easy to apply and just let it sit, and boom! Matte.
4- Sinner Wine was my first Lipstick Queen. I love it dearly although I rarely wear it. Its a more red tinted burgundy. Its very creamy in a dry way? Hard to explain, but it feels hydrating while being dense in pigment.
5- Buxom Menace was from the mini set. A total surprise favorite for me! Sort of a fuchsia plum, with a shimmer. Unfortunately every Buxom lippie I’ve gotten does that horrible thing where it gets pushed against the case and scrapes, no matter how careful I am or how gentle.
6- Rimmel Bordeaux I’ve talked about before. It’s a shimmer cherry plum and I prefer it to it’s cousin…
7- The famed Revlon Black Cherry that, I’m sorry!, is just too waxy and weird tasting for me.
8 – 14hr Crimson I almost hate that I like it so much. It really does last forever, but the strange plastic-y scent carries over into taste for me. If I must wear a red like this, I will mix my MAC VGIII with Russian Red to get a similar dark red. MAC doesn’t last as long but doesn’t feel as drying!
9 – MAC Dubonnet was my 2nd MAC and I got it cheap from a friend in a swap. Its a grown up creamy red, darker than Russian Red. A nice neutral red on me.
10 – Moody Merlot was my first BH lipstick. It is such a nice bloody red, with a brown undertone. It’s wonderful but it loves to travel all over. Its very creamy and definitely needs to be treated with some care. Its not one I reach for often at all, because it isn’t an easy grab-and-go. Liner is a must.
11- NYX Snow White was my first NYX! Lots of firsts in this bunch. I got this hoping for a dupe for my Sally Hansen which had been lost backstage during a fashion show (note to self; don’t let models borrow your lippies if you aren’t watching where they go!) Its a creamy (not not as much as BH) red, with a pretty neutral undertone.
12- Sally Hansen Garnet (which I eventually found again) was a clearance rack find and I wish I had bought more than one! Its a semi-opaque pinky red that was my everyday look for most of early college days. I don’t wear it much nowadays, but I still love it!
13 – Last but not least, the famous Black Honey. I honestly don’t know how much I like this one. I know its a sheer, but I do wish it builds up better. Its like I can never get it to look even when I build it up so it ends up looking strangely patchy on my lips. Still pretty and feels wonderful though!

Whooooo! That’s a lot of lipstick. I still have a LOT more I want to showcase, so stay tuned! If you want any more in depth pictures or words for any of the above mentioned, go ahead and drop a comment 🙂

til later, lovelies!
xoxo Swatchlette


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