sunday swatches!

I have a LOT of red lipstick. It’s a fact and I am completely okay with it 😉 And that means I have EVEN MORE red swatches for you today! These are my more vivid and brights reds… Call it this eternal winter, but I am craving some bright color lately! Super close up swatches after the cut; everything from NARS to Wet’n’Wild!


This isn’t even half of my bright reds to be honest! These are the ones I was deciding between wearing today and was like *ding ding ding!* I should swatch them!

Out of these, MAC Opera has the BEST FORMULA. At first I was so angry that it was similar to not only MAC Victoriana but other reds I own, but WOW. Creamy, matte, and not as strong of a vanilla taste as other MACs! Call it the unofficial winner 😉

NARS Vesuvio is the biggest disappointment. I went to a LOT of trouble trying to get this one (both this particular lipstick and a shade of red like it) and it’s a little “weird matte”, meaning it seems drying and stiff rather than, well, lipstick like. Maybe its the tube too… NARS has been disappointing me with some hits and misses lately!

Revlon Really Red is also a disappointment. Do NOT believe anyone who tells you that its a dupe to MAC Russian Red. It is NOT. Completely different undertones, formulas, taste… Revlon always tastes overly fragranced to me, and then the lipstick is way too orange-red rather than neutral-red on my face and its become a sad sad purchase 😦

On the other hand, my big miss with Really Red prompted me to buy Mac Russian Red. Which is a very very close match to NARS Vesuvio except I like this formula much better! Its a little bit “basic” but its gorgeous! I think I expected a slightly darker red than it really is (based on what friends/fellow bloggers have told me) but it is quite bright on me. Classic Hollywood bright. Still nice though!

Hard to tell in this photo but NARS Dragon Girl and MAC Russian Red are totally sisters. Similar colors, but the completely different formulas make them appear differently.

Well that’s all for now! I will definitely be adding more red swatches to the online catalogue soon, so keep an eye out for EVEN MORE 🙂

til later, lovelies!
xoxo, Swatchlette


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