oscar winning gold (eyeshadows!)

throw some glitter make it rain

throw some glitter make it rain

Couldn’t help but REALLY want to do gold eyeshadow today in honor of the oscars! When else can one wear flashy gold and get away with it? Lots of pics and reviews after the break!

Lets start with some more pictures 😉

5 golden rings! I mean swatches

5 golden rings! I mean swatches

Today I have five of my FAVE gold eyeshadows for you. There’s a huge range of gold out there, from coppery to cooler metallics to creams to straight up glitters. These are five that cover pretty much the whole spectrum!

1. Stila – Bubbly
2. Geek Chic Cosmetics – One Ring
3. Maybelline Color Tattoo – Gold Rush
4. Colour Pop – Get Lucky
5. Victorian Disco Cosmetics – Malfoy’s Filthy Money

There’s even a range of drugstore to indie brands covered here too!

Stila’s is the most coppery. I personally wear this one the most often because its a little less flash and little more subtle for every day looks.
Geek Chic’s is GLITTERTASTIC. I am always trying to find excuses to wear it. It is almost a pure glitter shadow, and what a fine glitter it is! This one NEEDS a primer, a very sticky primer! Geek Chic’s primer works, as does Fyrinnae’s or really, any sticky glitter primer!
Maybelline’s is a cream formula and it makes a wonderful base for anything else (like One Ring!) or gorgeous by itself. Creamy and metallic, this one is a very true gold.
Colour Pop is the newbie on the scene and I’m still trying to figure out if I like them or not. It’s a cream-to-powder, a very unique formula. It’s almost like a little sponge in the container! Very bouncy. I personally cannot apply these with a brush, it is nigh impossible to get the coverage I like. So I use my fingers and just deal with the inaccuracy, haha.
Victorian Disco Cosmetics is super indie; I think most people have never heard of them! I actually have a friend who knows the owners so that’s my little inside connection, haha. This one is a dark burnt gold, and its sooo smooth and silk to work with. Its a very very fine loose powder.

Ooh, lets do some close ups!



Aren’t ALL of them to die for?

I think my pick for tonight is Maybelline’s with the One Ring layered on top. MAXIMUM gold for a super flashy night!

Let me know your faves in the comments or tell me about a brand I didn’t cover!

til later, lovelies!
xoxo Swatchlette


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